Sunday 24th September 2017,


CSAE and ECE Foundation considers working according to these objectives to achieve the overall goal of VET improvement in the regions of Elbasan, Korca, Pelagonia and Southwestern:

1- Creation of activities that will stimulate links between schools and business realizing contract between them

The involvement of social partners in VET that can be achieved by raising the awareness. This could be done by organizing round tables where different important actors like school, local government and businesses can get together discuss and find solutions in how to find and establish links between them. Region of Elbasan already has a good practise of such cooperation by having the Elbasan Regional VET Committee created as an initiative of CARDS VET Project. Such an experience is good to be shared in the other three regions and very possibly they can create their own in the future. Another reason for conduction such activity is for representatives of each institution from both countries and all four regions can discuss in their problematic, their good practices and their vision for the future of VET in their regions and respective country. Moreover, these will make possible creation of connections between respective institution for future exchange.

2- Conduction of studies to analyse the situation new developments in vocational educational and training and analysis in labour market needs

More surveys on demographic, economic and labour market developments need to be done in order to provide a clearer picture of the current situation and vision for the future. For this our organizations plan to conduct studies that undertake a overview of how quality is understood and used within the system and the indications that the system can use.  These studies will take in consideration target groups in the process of quality that measures the achievements in function of different indicators.  These studies will not only be very useful to give the current situation of the VET in specific regions but also will give recommendation and vision for VET the near future.  Furthermore, these studies will be necessary and the main tool to be used for the last study that will be done on the cooperation in VET of regions of Elbasan, Korca, Pelagonia and Sothwestern.

3- Realization of twinning between schools for information exchange and practice of good examples

In general overview Albanian and Macedonian VET schools are going throw similar experiences like the changes of system, changes in curricula, problems with decentralization, and decrease of participation from year to year, not adapting with labour market and so on. But in details there are many differences in them. Creating ways to put management of these 8 schools in one table to discuss will bring a beginning of communication between schools where they can exchange good and bad experiences and learn from each other.

Teacher study visits will be organized where the Albanian teacher delegation will experience school organization, teacher methodology, base material, curricula and so on in the Macedonian schools and vise versa. Creation of connection between teachers will be important factor to strengthen and develop further future cooperation between the schools.

4- Development of adequate skills of target groups through vocational training courses.

The key of changes in the situation of the training providers is Teachers. The competence-based education is an opportunity for modernizing the school content and as essential approach to the needs of the business and must be introduced in both countries. Some courses are done in this new teaching methodology by ECE and CARDS project but they have been small initiatives in the past.

A special focus will be given to teacher training in special course in ICT and other fields most demanded by the schools. Somehese courses will be directed by a team of experienced dutch instructors from ROC Einthoven, Netherland that offer their trainings in voluntary way. These trainings and courses are of high quality and bring Western Europe experience in VET.

Our organizations would like to be flexible on the choice of training courses for the teacher, because it will depend on the joint demand of the schools.

5-. Publishing  new text books according to the need of school curricula.

According to the unanimous demand of schools  and the fact that most of the work and support is done for realization of three text books Auto service, Embedded and Delfi is done by ECE foundation, it will be important to develop publishing of these books for their use in VET schools. This books will help develop school curricula in similar ways in Albanian and Macedonian schools.


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