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Centre for Sustainability and Advance Education

Mission statement: “CSAE from Bitola is association of citizens formed on basis of free cooperation of citizens for accomplishment of their interests and beliefs that only over advanced education and comprehension our planet can become a better place for life of free individuals which care about the rest of the world.”

CSAE has 32 members with different affinities beginning with education, sustainable development, human rights and democracy. Main sectors for acting are: education and sustainable devlopment.

CSAE helped the Agricultural highschool “Kuzman Shapkarev” from Bitola to establish a twining cooperation with Agricultural highschool from Rattvick, Sweeden and made exchange of students.

CSAE together with the Peace Action from Prilep organized and implemented pilot program for Peace Education. The program was financed From the Balkan Trust from Democracy through Center for Citizens Initiatives from Prilep and was consisted of 8 four hour workshops for 4 groups (32 workshops total, 92 pupils total). Themes of the workshop were: Nonviolent communication, Teamwork, Perception and prejudges, Understanding conflicts, Identities, Violence, Genders in society and Power and nonviolence. The Peace Education Pilot Program was implemented in the High School “Taki Daskalo” in the frame of school project activities “Peace, Tolerance and Democracy”. For this project both organization received letter expressing gratitude from the High School.

Open Society Institute from Budapest through the same Programme financed 2 additional workshops for demilitarization and democracy that were implemented from CSAE.

CSAE also implemented two projects in the frame of Programme “Demilitarization of the society”, financed by Norwegian Peoples’ Aid and Implemented from Peace Action with the following activities:During the period of 15.04.2008 – 15.05.2008 there was a Call for papers on theme “Demilitarization in society”, in four high schools in Bitola On the call 18 pupils applied with their papers, and 6 were chosen to be presented in front of their colleges. The activity was characterized as “Very good approach ask the children to be more active” and the professors in the schools find that the call for papers on Demilitarization was an excellent idea and the school decided to print the papers. There was a follow up activity – printing an issue from the papers in 100 samples.CSAE On 28.05.2008 with participation of 30 high schools students and professors from Bitola it was held debate with theme “Demilitarization in society”. The Debate was very successful because it was planed 20 persons, but there were 30 (8 male & 22 female together with the activists and visitors). .

CSAE together with the Linux Users Group from Bitola – Lugola (part of Free Software Macedonia) organized a program of education in EDUBUNTU software for 75 pupils from the high schools.

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