Sunday 24th September 2017,


ECE Foundation

Achieved results related to the above-mentioned policy themes since creation:

–          10 schools od Elbasan Region were supported with libraries, organisation of book-funds for  poor

children. Support to ONUFRI music and art school with basic needs for music and arts and further modernisation of schools content.

–          112 adults (60% female) have attended English and Italian courses, 6 poorest are supported   with a tuition fee. People got basic knowledge for better chance to find jobs.

–          Reconstruction of ONUFRI school that started with small SKAMPA Foundation contribution, providing better learning conditions.

–     Reconstruction of workshops Ali Myftiu vocational high school.

-Provision of all the necessary equipments for Kitchen Restaurant and Hotel workshops in the VET Centre of Elbasan

–          Provision of the learning materials for workshop of the basics of Electric and Electronics, and Electro-montage according to first and second European level of vocational education.

–          48 Courses organized in the field of ICT, automation and auto mechanics and finance (EOBD     Diagnostic,    Alternator, AutoCAD, Embedded System, HTML, PLC, Basic Computer Knowledge, Computing and Secretary, Delphi, Lab View, Alpha, and Kitchen and Restaurant support. Eight teachers from ROC Center are voluntarily giving the ICT and mechanic courses in Elbasan.

–          One text book of 13 chapters of all about basics on car-techniques in Albanian One student book in car-techniques is already published.

–          Simulation software on diagnostic system in the car-techniques is translated and available on the web.

–          Teacher of Ali Myftiu Vocational Education School has been trained in the VET centre of ROC Einthoven to be an efficient auto mechanic instructor for the school and a trainer for ECE advance programs in this field.

–          Arrangements of two contracts; one of them between Ali Myftiu Vocational Educational School and seven metal-mechanics enterprises in the city of Elbasan for on-the job welding courses; the other contract is between Salih Ceka Vocational Education School and the big construction company Knauf. Salih Ceka school has a modern construction laboratory will all necessary equipment to conduct lessons and practises due to this cooperation.

–          Compensation of travelling expenses for participants from the rural areas in courses of Kitchen Restaurant and Hotels organized by the VET Centre, which made possible their participation in these courses since they could not afford these expenses by themselves.

–          Information Educational Helpdesk is functional even for the vocational education schools at, School Analysis System. An inquiry is done with all VET schools and VET Center in Elbasan including One Dream More.

–          Data-base Courses in Albania are still in function.

–          ECE is member of DACH + group of national actor in VET and we are involved in national activities on VET Reform in Albania organized by this group. ECE continues to supports .

–          Two text books on ICT in Albanian are Delfi and Embedded.

–          Organization of a study visit in ROC Einhoven of the Regional directory id Education and VET school director of Elbasan in order to establish contact between schools.

–          In cooperation with chamber of Commerce there where organized round tables between school representatives, local government representatives an business in order to find ways of cooperation between VET schools and businesses.

–          ECE Foundation is a member of Elbasan Regional VET Committee created by CARDS and conducted the demographic analysis for our region.

–          Accomplished detailed study “actual situation of VET in the region of Elbasan” including statistics, descriptions, laws in VET, VET framework and recommendations for improvement of VET in the region,

–          Development of ICT Curriculum for level 2 and level three is being developed in cooperation with the Nation VET Agency of Albania.

–          ECE was part of the organization of the nation VET conference done in the city of Elbasan where we represented work done by the regional VET committee.

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